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Automatic control of immersion heatersHeatingSave's 'FairUsage' System is a fully functional IT based Energy Management system. Fully scalable from a single building to a large international network of multi-site businesses specifically with electric heating systems. FairUsage will efficiently and cost effectively manage and cost reduced your energy as well as alerting you via email or SMS messaging of equipment failures and process warnings, enabling you to take action, often before your contemporaries are even aware a problem has taken place. Distributed web based processing can be placed on your internal intranet or cloud computing hosted to allow you to better manage your business infrastructure like never before. The automatic processing nature of the FairUsage Intelligent Controllers maintain comfort conditions and give you peace of mind. Utility bills and other manually input data combine with automatic data from our control systems. The advanced PC software gives you full control over the costs, CO2 statistics and graphical pyramid reporting of energy usage of the entire site. A first class energy management so that you can better manage the ever increasing energy bill.

Compatible with almost every make electric heating system, each HeatingSave FairUsage Controller can manage multiple heaters. The mobile software operates from any 3G device and displays data both numerically and graphically. Control of the heating and cooling from anywhere in the world, with an Internet or mobile connection.

The main features of HeatingSave Fair Usage System are:

  • Multiple heating/cooling pattern control with an integrated diary function so the heating is not on during weekends or holidays unless the building is being used - saving up to 30%.
  • Advanced heat-loss algorithm manages multiple heating/cooling zones applying energy at the last moment or switching off early to minimize energy usage. Automatic outside temperature compensation and climate control - save up to another 10%.
  • Gradient control of room temperatures at different times of the day.
  • Automatic occupancy detection allowing the temperature to reduce to a background when areas are not used and quickly brought up to temperature when they are being used.
  • Night setback temperature, reducing the night heating by a few degrees to still keep 24/7 operations warm whilst saving energy and money.
  • Network and web based software using standard large database structures to create a structure of properties and heating systems within your organisation. Multiple graphical and site schematics allow you to manage thousands of buildings, their infrastructure and maintenance.
  • HeatingSave is listed on the Energy Technology List and is applicable for the Government Enhanced Capital Allowance.
  • HeatingSave is listed on the Energy Technology List and is applicable for the Enhanced Capital Allowance
what's included in FairUsage's electricity monitoring package?

What's included?

HeatingSave Enterprise comprises of:

  • HeatingSave FairUsage Intelligent Controller
  • 8 room temperature sensors
  • 8 occupancy sensors
  • HeatingSave FairUsage PC software
  • Installation instructions.
  • Additional sub-unit controllers are available to extend your system. These additional networked sub-controllers add 8 analogue, 8 digital inputs and 8 relays at a time to the standard system, to a maximum of 13 sub-controllers per main controller; but millions of controllers can be added to a system. The only limit being a unique Internet IP address.

Organisations that will typically benefit from HeatingSave FairUsage will be multi-sited private and public sector facilities including university halls and housing, social housing, hotels/inns/motels, sheltered housing, hospitals, infirmaries, hostels and boarding apartments, care homes and healthcare centres.

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Images of FairUsage products - smart electricity monitoring for owners and tenants

Technical Specifications

In the box System Capabilities Dimensions
  • Processor Unit
  • Relay Cable
  • Link Cable
  • Keypad & Cable
  • 8x Temperature Room Sensor
  • Security Screwdriver
  • Heating Zones 40
  • Electric Heaters 40
  • AirCon Units 40
  • Lights/Sounders 100
  • Solar Panels 30
  • PIRs 150
  • Sensors (Temp/Light) 100
  • Switches 150
  • Sub-Devices 20
  • Heating Patterns 100
  • Diary Entries 4,300
  • Pattern On/Off Times 1500
  • User Defined Actions 600
  • Intruder Zones 30
Image showing dimensions of FairUsage smart energy products

Energy Accessories

Energy Monitor

Our Energy Monitor provides the ability to view your current energy usage.

FairUsage electricity monitor accessory

PIR Occupancy Sensor

Automatically increase heating when you need it.

FairUsage PIR Occupancy Sensor accessory

Room Temperature Sensor

For digital monitoring of room temperature.

FairUsage Room Temperature Sensor accessory