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FairUsage is a web-based Energy Management System for groups of electrically heated, bedsit type apartments. It is designed to control, and reduce, the electricity consumption It is particularly useful for university halls of residence, social housing or similar applications. At the heart of the FairUsage system is a smart energy controller that is approved by The Carbon Trust, The Energy Savings Trust and the Government department of OfGem. This controller is linked via the Internet to a web server that allows;

Woman using the FairUsage Smart Energy Monitoring software
FairUsage electricity controller shadow

For the accommodation owner

  • The heating diary can be separately set for each apartment with heating patterns reflecting the occupants lifestyle, choosing different temperatures at different times of the day.
  • Total minute-by-minute electricity consumption in kWh’s for each apartment separating total consumption from the power used to heat the apartment.
  • The accommodation owner can set a monthly kWh allowance for each apartment, over and above that used for the heating. The tenant can go on-line to review their current kWh balance, and determine whether they are on-target for the month. This induces in the tenant a behavioural change and attitude to energy consumption.
  • The accommodation owner can charge overage for tenants who go over their allotted limits by using the FairUsage billing system.
  • Accurate hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly and annual electricity consumption reporting including costs and CO2 produced using the Carbon Trust’s own conversion factors.
  • In the case of universities halls of residence, FairUsage give the university the following options in the software to effect student behavioural change
    • Display to the tenant the energy used by their apartment as a comparison to other apartment owners to aid them to be more energy efficient.
    • Display to the tenant the energy used by their block of apartments as a comparison to other blocks to aid them to be more energy efficient.
    • Run a competition to reward the most energy tenant with a prize.
  • Maintenance reporting of heater failures and real-time email and text alerts if
    • A heater fails
    • Abnormally high temperature (fire?)
    • Abnormally low temperature