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Energy efficiency will become increasingly important across Europe as the EU has confirmed plans to increase its energy efficiency target to 30% by 2030 in an effort to reduce dependency on energy imports. 
The updated Energy Efficiency Directive has put forward a range of new measures designed to help ensure the Union cuts CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030, while modernising the EU's economy and delivering jobs and growth.
The energy efficiency target of 30% when compared to projected energy use, up from the existing 27% target for 2030, is part of the EU’s ‘energy efficiency first’ principle. To this end, the Commission will ensure that energy efficiency and demand side response can compete on equal terms with generation capacity.
“Energy efficiency needs to be considered whenever energy system relevant planning or financing decisions are taken. Energy efficiency improvements need to be realised whenever it is more cost effective than equivalent supply-side solutions,” the updated directive states.
It also includes plans to increase ecodesign measures for appliances sold on the EU market. By 2020, the Commissions says the Ecodesign policy is expected to deliver yearly energy savings equivalent to the annual energy consumption of Italy, saving European households €500 per year on their energy bills, delivering approximately €55 billion per year extra revenue for industry, wholesale and retail sectors.
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