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UK consumers are interested in deploying energy management technologies across their homes, and the vast majority are looking for a personalized experience, a recent market survey has been able to suggest. 
The poll by Accenture, which asked around 10,000 people from 17 countries, including the UK, about this topic, revealed 92% would be more satisfied if their energy provider could personalise their overall customer experience.
That would involve the introduction of a customisable digital bill or a website or app that signs them up to the best available offer based on their real-time energy usage.
It found 76% of them are also interested in automated home energy management gadgets and 69% are attracted to connected home technologies.
FairUsage is the best solution for optimizing energy consumption within electricity-heated buildings, since our system features an advanced monitoring system (hardware and software), that will provide you complete control and information over how much you're actually spending at any given time.
Derived from the intelligent HeatingSave system, FairUsage employs the same advanced heat-loss algorithm in order to determine the optimum heating levels for the various zones that make up a building.
Moreover, the system offers automatic outside temperature compensation and climate control, while the automatic occupancy detection allows for the temperature to be reduced to a background when areas are not used and quickly brought back up when they are being used.
If you'd like to get additional information on the FairUsage system, just contact our dedicated product team, they'll be more than happy to offer you all the data you might require.