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Portergate, a well-known developer from Cheshire, was recently granted planning permission for a multimillion-pound development in the Friargate retail area of Preston city centre, designed to turn older shops and buildings into retail units and accommodation for the University of Central Lancashire.

According to a news release on the matter, this brand new development will comprise 261 student bedrooms across 62 flats along with two retail units of almost 3,000 sq ft each. The overall value of the project is set at an impressive £13m, and is believed to be the largest construction project in the city.

The Preston development is scheduled to be opened for students for the 2014/15 year. Portergate chairman Anthony Jackson said: "We will play a major role in transforming the fortunes of the Friargate area and this development will encourage further investment. It's something we know is welcomed by retailers on the street who are looking for improvements to the area.”

Although no specific information has been provided regarding the type of fuel that will power the new development, this sort of building complex is shoo in for the FairUsage system, which has been designed specifically to be used within groups of electrically heated, bedsit type apartments, enabling tenants not only to constantly check their consumption and bills, but also to reduce them, by up to 30 percent plus.

The FairUsage system is built around a smart energy controller that is approved by The Carbon Trust, The Energy Savings Trust and the Government department of OfGem. This controller is linked via the Internet to a web server that allows tenants to go on-line in order to review their current kWh balance and a graph of their electricity usage, check whether they are on-target for the month or whether they need to be more careful with the amount of power they are consuming or see if they are over budget and how much they are likely to be charged for overage if they do not.

Furthermore, with the help of this system, users can easily change their future heating diary so that the apartment is not unnecessarily heated in their absence and also request a change in their apartment’s set-point.

If you'd like to find out more about the FairUsage system, just contact our dedicated product team, they'll be more than happy to answer any query you might have.