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FairUsage is a web-based Energy Management System for groups of electrically heated, bedsit type apartments. It is designed to control, and reduce, the electricity consumption. It is particularly useful for university halls of residence, social housing or similar applications. At the heart of the FairUsage system is a smart energy controller that is approved by The Carbon Trust, The Energy Savings Trust and the Government department of OfGem. This controller is linked via the Internet to a web server that allows;

Energy management for University Halls & Housing
Energy management for Social Housing
Energy Management for Care Homes & Hospices
Energy management for Hotels, Inns & Motels
Energy management for Hospitals & Infirmaries
Energy management for Hostels & Boarding
Energy management for College Dormitories
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Savings of 30%+ can be achieved by using FairUsage, so how does it work?

The Controller

At the heart of the controller is a state-of-the-art microprocessor with 8 temperature sensors, 8 occupancy sensors and 8 mains electricity relays. This can manage and control a block of 8 apartments. The program inside the controller has the following functions:

  • Accurately switching on/off electric heater using a heating diary. Heating is not left on during weekends, holidays or planned absences, unless the apartment
    is being used. For each separate apartment,
    • The heating diary can be different.
    • Different set-points at different times of the day - different conditions for different people.
  • A "self learning" heat-loss algorithm that works out the heat-loss profile of a particular apartment. This allows the controller to switch the heating on later (and off earlier) on warm days and earlier/later for cold days, automatically adjusting the heating depending on how warm it is outside.
  • Automatic occupancy detection allowing the temperature to reduce to a background when the apartment is not used and quickly bringing it up to temperature when people return.
  • Gradient control of room temperatures at different times of the day.
  • User "heat me now" buttons that revert back so the heating is not left on too high so as to affect behavioural change.
  • User "boost" button that degrades back to setpoint slowly so no sudden drop in temperature.
  • Night setback temperature, reducing the night heating by a few degrees to still keep 24/7 operations warm whilst saving energy and money. Particularly useful for healthcare installations.
  • Electricity usage monitoring from pulse meters to calculate accurate minute-by-minute costings together with kWh’s and CO2 statistics.
  • Email/text alerts if:
    • A heater fails
    • Abnormally high temperature (fire?)
    • Abnormally low temperature

If your property is heated using Gas or Oil, visit our parent product, HeatingSave.